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China Clean Energy (OTC Bulletin Board: CCGY) through its wholly-owned subsidiary Fujian Zhongde, manufactures biodiesel fuel and high-quality specialty chemical products from renewable resources, such as vegetable oils. Since its launch in late 2005, biodiesel fuel has become its flagship product, as it can be used in virtually any diesel engine without modification and has a similar energy value as petro-diesel. In addition to improved safety and superior lubricity, biodiesel significantly reduces greenhouse gas and other emissions. With the greater concern for global warming and the worsening pollution in China, clean energy solutions are increasingly gaining favor both domestically and internationally.

China is the second largest oil consumer in the world, with current consumption at approximately seven million barrels of oil per day, and its need for petroleum continues to grow rapidly. While China¡¯s biodiesel industry is still very much in its infancy, we anticipate greater demand for alternatives like biodiesel fuel, particularly in light of recent government legislation designed to reduce China¡¯s dependence on fossil fuels.


Originally organized as an environmentally focused chemical company in 1995, China Clean Energy's operating subsidiary (Fujian Zhongde Technology Co., Ltd.) established its success based on its ability to manufacture high quality chemical products from renewable resources. Through its R&D efforts, China Clean Energy has developed a proprietary and unique method of biodiesel production and recently began manufacturing and sale of biodiesel. Today China Clean Energy utilizes multiple vegetable oil feedstock sources to produce premium chemicals and biodiesel fuels.

By employing several scientific innovations and proprietary technologies, the Company is able to make near "full use" of the waste generated during the manufacturing of cooking and similar oils to produce biodiesel and chemical products. Contracts with leading feedstock suppliers / vegetable oil producers, proprietary low cost manufacturing methods, and an ability to sell diesel co-products to its strong roster of chemical customers gives the Company a leading market place position.

The Company's chemical products are sold to companies domestically and exported globally to Europe, America and Southeast Asia. Premium quality standards and low production factor costs have allowed China Clean Energy to undercut international competitors and gain successful entry into the global market and diversify its customer base. Today over 50% of the Company's chemical sales are to international customers.

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