Chemical Products

The Company manufactures and sells a variety of industrial products using environmentally- focused chemicals derived from renewable resources, such as vegetable oils. The Company¡¯s product categories include polyamide hot-melt adhesives, printing inks, alcohol and benzene-soluble polyamide resins and various fatty acids, such as dimer acid. The Company believes that its vegetable oil-based products will be viewed as an increasingly attractive alternative to products made with petroleum-based chemicals as a result of rising oil prices and possible shortages as well as increased awareness and concern for protecting the environment.


"Green" Chemicals

The global chemical market is experiencing fundamental changes in how it operates as economic, environmental, and political pressures force the industry to rely less on petroleum products. A wave of renewable or biotech products is already replacing petroleum-based raw materials in a wide array of markets such as plastics, fibers, adhesives, resins and more. The main drivers behind the acceptance of chemicals derived from renewable resources as replacements for petrochemicals are price, performance, and environmental sustainability.

Petroleum, waste, regulatory, and environmental cost pressures are now evident throughout the supply chain for chemical products. As oil prices rise and companies continue to disassociate themselves from any chemical in their supply chain that is recognized as being hazardous or harmful to the environment, petrochemicals are rapidly being replaced by renewable "green" chemistry alternatives. Green chemistry is the term used to describe the movement towards more environmentally acceptable chemical processes and products.

The Asia Pacific region is setting the pace for global growth, with China leading the way. The export manufacturing base continues to expand. Building and construction is booming. In addition, domestic consumers with more disposable income are creating new and increased demand for a wide range of products, many of which contain China Clean Energy's "green" adhesives, inks, polyamides, and related products.

Chemical Products

The Company boasts an array of proprietary and branded product categories. Building strong and trusted quality brands in inks and adhesives is paying dividends as the Company is seeing increasing sales and opportunities.

  • Monomer Acid
  • Stearic
  • Dimer Acid
  • Printing Inks
  • Dimer-Based Polyamide Hot Melt Adhesives
  • Low Molecular Weight Liquor Polyamide Resin
  • High Performance Polyamide Hot-melt Adhesive
  • Alcohol-Soluble Polyamide Resins
  • Benzene-Soluble Polyamide Resins
  • Biodiesel & Bio Heating Fuel
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