History of Excellence

China Clean Energy has a brief, but excellent history. Since inception in 1995, the Company's founders and management team have been committed to the principles of "quality production, research, and sustainable development" and believe this focus will continue to help them grow and develop a strong and lasting enterprise.



Honors & Awards

The Company's commitment to "quality production, research, and sustainable development" is already paying dividends beyond growing sales and dividends as China Clean Energy's operating subsidiary has been honored with over 30 achievement awards, including:

Company Honors

  • High-Tech Corporation Award, Technology Office of Fujian Province
  • Advanced Technology Innovation Honor, CCP Committee of Fuzhou City
  • Measure Up Corporation Honor, Technology Supervision Bureau of Fujian Province
  • Leading City Corporation Award, Department of Agriculture
  • Private Technology Corporation Honor, Fuqing City & Fuzhou City Technology Bureaus
  • Excellent Corporation Award, Business Administration Bureau of Fuqing City
  • High Credit AAA Corporation Award, China Agriculture Bank

Product Honors

  • High Quality Honors for Solid Polyamide Resins, Economic Trade Committee of Fujian
  • Excellent New Products for Solid Polyamide Resins, People's Government of Fujian
  • Technology Award for Alcohol-Soluble Polyamide Resin; People's Government Fujian
  • New Product Award for Alcohol-Soluble Polyamide Resin; People's Government Fuzhou City
  • New Product Honor for Dimer Fatty Acid; People's Government Fuzhou City

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Company CFO:

Mr. Hua Shan Wang
Fulong Industry Zone, Longtian Town
Fuqing City, Fujian, China 350315

Sale Department :
Email:sales@fj-zd.com zhongdehuagong@163.com
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