Our Management Team

Our management team is among the most experienced biodiesel and chemical business professionals in China .  They combine exceptional engineering, product development, international sales experience and financial management expertise.

Our Board of Advisors represent and promote the interests of shareholders and are accountable to shareholders for China Clean Energy's activities and performance.



China Clean Energy brings together a rare and yet complementary mix of industry expertise, management know-how, and product innovation. Collectively, the management team has a strong engineering, operations, and international sales experience. Through the Company's extensive relationships with leading universities and industry associations, China Clean Energy has access to a large pool of experienced managers and knowledgeable advisors.

Tai-ming Ou, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board

  • Founder and former Chairman of the Board
  • Licensed senior economist
  • Bachelor's Degree in mathematics major from Fujian Normal University
  • Mr. Ou worked as a mathematics instructor prior to forming China Clean Energy Inc.

Ri-wen Xue, Chief Operating Officer & Director

  • Joined the Company as a Production Manager and shareholder in 2000
  • Promoted to Vice President of Operations in December 2003
  • Former Director of Credit at Commercial and Industrial Bank of China (CIBC) in Fuqing City
  • Technical engineer at CMOS Chip Copperize Corporation in Japan (fluent in Japanese)
  • Bachelor's Degree in Finance Administration from Jimei University

William Chen, Chief Financial Officer

  • Former financial analyst at Wealth Transition Planning LLC, a comprehensive financial services firm in New York.
  • Former director assistant at EKN Financial Service, New York, and prior to that Mr. Chen held positions at Colgate Palmolive Company and Duane Reade Corporation.
  • Mr. Chen holds a Bachelor's degree in Finance and Investment from Baruch College and is working towards an MBA degree from Baruch College.

Yun He, Sr. Vice President of Sales & Distribution

  • Participated in the Company's initial financing efforts, 1995 shareholder
  • Promoted from Sales Manager to VP of Sales & Distribution in Dec. 2003
  • Bachelor's Degree from Fujian Normal University, former Chinese literature instructor
  • Former international trade executive in the former Soviet Union and Czech Republic

Board of Advisors

China Clean Energy is honored to have ready access to a highly distinguished and carefully chosen Board of Advisors. Each individual is well experienced and has made substantial accomplishments in their respective professional fields. Collectively, these respected senior advisors provide the Company with rare insight and expertise in the areas of chemical formulations, renewable resource technologies, product enhancements, and global business trends.

Zicai Liang, Professor, R&D Advisor

  • Professor, Doctor / Mentor & Master
  • Instructor at Sichuan University Macromolecule Institute
  • Former researcher for Chengdu Technology University
  • Published 60+ industry papers and 4 patents
  • 4 years research in the US as a visiting scholar
  • Bachelor's Degree from China Technology University, Masters Degree from Chengdu Technology University

Yu Lin, Professor, Chemical Science Advisor, Inks & Printing

  • Senior Research Scientist at Fujian ProvInce Chemical Institute
  • Awarded several medals for research related to printing technologies
  • Degreed from Fuzhou University Chemical Institute

Heng Zhang, Professor, Oil Chemistry Applications Advisor

  • Vice Superintendent of Shanghai Grain Institute
  • Degreed at Shanghai Huadong Chemical Institute, in Grease Chemistry
  • Frequent publisher on the subject of "Dimer Acid Industrialization" and related topics

Shengxiong Dong, Chemical Science Advisor

  • Professor, Doctor and Master Mentor at Fuzhou University, Chemistry & Chemical Institute
  • Director of Fujian Chemical Association
  • Member of Fujian Government Safety Production Expert Association
  • Former visiting scholar University of California at Davis Chemical Institute
  • Over 80 professional papers cited in domestic and international publications or conferences
  • Award winning research on chemical separation, membrane science and separation, and function macromolecule material technologies
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